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Is there a charge for the services at the Mobile Health Clinic?

No. All of our services are free.

Do I need health insurance to be seen?

No. You do not need health insurance. We are here to serve all.

Do I need to provide a form of personal identification?

No. We do not ask for any form of identification.

Is my health information shared with anyone?

No. Your personal health records are not shared with any other entities and are only managed by our nurse practitioner.

Is the cholesterol test free?

Yes. We check your cholesterol at no charge.

For the cholesterol test, will you draw my blood with a syringe/needle?

No. We will prick your finger and will draw a bit of blood from it. This blood is placed on a Cholestech machine that will read the sample taken.

How long does it take to get cholesterol test results?

Your cholesterol results are available during your visit with the nurse practitioner. Usually in less than 15 minutes to process.

Do I have to be fasting to check my cholesterol?

Yes. We recommend that patients fast from midnight the night before, as this increases the accuracy of the test.

Can I drink water before my cholesterol test?

Yes. We recommend that you drink plenty of water before your test. This may facilitate blood drawing.

Do you offer dental services at the bus?

No. But a representative from the Wake County Human Services Smiles at Sunnybrook program conducts dental screenings monthly dental screenings for children 0-20. The program offers free dental cleanings and X-Rays for children without dental health insurance.

Do you offer full vision exams?

No. But if you don’t have vision insurance, our nurses can conduct an acuity test and refer you to Prevent Blindness North Carolina. Prevent Blindness, based on your eligibility criteria, will connect you with an eye doctor.

Do I need an appointment for an HIV/STD test?

Yes. To schedule an appointment please call or text 919-819-0365.