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Recognizing the impact of stress on health, we aim to promote wellness, assess those who are at risk for health problems, and assist individuals in managing chronic diseases.



The MHC strives to become culturally competent in the areas we serve and seeks to meet the health and wellness needs of the under and uninsured members of these communities, and of individuals going through a crisis situation.


Outreach activities are essential to meeting the needs of these communities. One of the Clinics’ main objectives is to educate the community on health and wellness.


Since the Clinic’s inception, volunteers have been a critical component to our growth and success. The Clinic Director values its volunteer staff and encourages staff to utilize volunteers as a Clinic resource.


The Clinic views its ability to collaborate and build partnerships with other health and social services organization throughout the community as one of its greatest strengths.


The Clinic sees itself as an organization flexible enough to meet the ever changing and evolving health and wellness needs of the community. We seek meaningful consumer input and perform detailed program evaluation to adequately meet the communities changing needs.